They are not “JUST” a broker – they are part of your team and the Best at what they do!

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Why is Global Wings Express everyone’s Transportation Broker and what does it take to become that quintessential

“go between”?

  • Treating every customer’s inquiry the way Global Wings would want to be treated:
  • Cultivating their customers and venders and treating them with care and respect
  • Creating good relationships to foster morality and accuracy with all,
  • Having firmly vetted resources to know who will do the right job for each request
  • Skill is a key factor to knowing both sides of the operation from the vender and the customer’s perspective,
  • Listening, an essential ingredient to building a strong base of operations,
  • Global Wings has learned through the years how to listen, interpret and translate into successful air charter operations for their customers.
  • Communications, the cornerstone to success, is a constant requirement.
  • Creativity to find the best price, the most efficient routing, and flight following the entire trip to include a “Proof of Delivery”
  • Follow-up with both customer and vender – communicate, communicate, communicate!